PS4 Pro Battlefield 1 update release date demand

By Alan Ng - Nov 10, 2016

The PS4 Pro is finally available and to those that have bought their console at launch, there is one main talking point which has yet to be resolved – when is the PS4 Pro Battlefield 1 update coming out?

All games are supposed to be given a patch to enable things like HDR and ultimately provide the incentive for gamers to go out and buy the new console, since they were promised by Sony that games would look better.

As far as we’re aware, the Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro patch release date is still not confirmed as DICE appear to be under NDA for when they can actually give out information to PS4 Pro owners.


On community boards such as Neogaf though, some gamers are already suggesting that DICE secretly added a PS4 Pro Battlefield patch into the recent 1.02 update – although this has yet to be verified.

We should be getting official word from DICE very soon, but if you have a PS4 Pro already and a copy of Battlefield 1 we want you to give us your impressions below.

Do you believe there is already a native upgrade in quality without a patch being installed on the PS4 Pro?

We’ll update this when DICE confirms the Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro release date once and for all – are you frustrated that it isn’t available at launch?

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  • Chris

    I am sitting here on fence on weather to buy BF1 now that I have a PS4 Pro or just keep playing BF4 until I hear when it will be available as I want the experience to be in full 1080p or if we are lucky the semi 4K 1800p which would be awesome and good enough after upscaling to 2160p. Even at 1800p I doubt anti aliasing will be required which should free things up to achieve at least 35-50 FPS or more if they really went after optimizing this new hardware.