Positive Roku Express Plus review score from Walmart users

You will always notice at this time of the year we start to offer you details on some of the hottest TV models, as we know they will be very popular. Some have the latest features, such as 4K and Smart features, although not all of them. This is because a good percentage of them are very basic, and so are aimed at those with a limited budget. Do not worry though, as there is a quick fix to make your Hisense 40-inch 40H5B that much better, and that’s with the use of the Roku Express Plus streaming player.


What we like about this plater is how it’s not very big in size, but is in the amount of content made available to you once connected to your TV. People will no doubt be looking for a Roku Express Plus review or two before considering buying one of these, and that’s where the likes of Amazon and Walmart come in.

Having said that, we would have assumed that Amazon would have had an abundance of Roku Express+ reviews, but they do not have any, and the price is mind boggling high as well. They do have reviews of the non-Plus model, although that’s not really good is it?

With this in mind, the best place to go for if considering purchasing this, and to also see what people actually think about this device, then Walmart has several reviews of the Roku Express Plus. From the looks of things owners seem to be very impressed and as such have given the streaming device four and a half out of five stars, based on 38 reviews.

In terms of price, it’s currently $39, although we do know that it will drop to below $30 very soon.



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