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Hisense 40-inch 40H5B 1080p HDTV review supports special buy

Well, the build up to the manic Holiday season has already begun, and it certainly seems to be coming around earlier each year. Every year we do like to offer you some advice on products that are likely to prove very popular from mid November onwards, and the Hisense 40-inch 40H5B 1080p HDTV is a fine example of that.


One of the main reasons why this model will be very popular this is is because of the Hisense 40H5B TV price is very reasonable, as it currently costs a little less that $250, although this could fall to around $125 in the coming weeks.

In terms of the specs, these are not going to blow your mind with any standout features, although what do you expect from a TV of this size at such a low price? As for those specifications, you get a 40-inch, 16.9, 1080p TV with a 60Hz refresh rate, with a brightness of 250cd/m2. There’s not much really going on elsewhere because this is not a Smart TV, and there are no fancy features to offer improved visual quality.

For those of you that are on the fence about this model, then the best way to make your mind up is by reading a Hisense 40-inch 40H5B TV review from a owner’s perspective. This is where Walmart comes in, as there are over 70 user reviews, all of which has allowed this model to gain an average rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars.

65% of them said that they would recommend this TV to a friend, although if you have a read the reviews are certainly mixed. At the end of the day it will come down to two things, just what is it you need the TV for, and second, your budget.



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