GTA Online Nagasaki Shotaro Tron Bike Vs Bati Vs Hakuchou Drag

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2016

The Nagasaki Shotaro has just been released in GTA 5 Online and now we can bring you a quick Nagasaki Shotaro or Tron Bike speed test vs the Bati and vs the Hakuchou Drag – two of the fastest motorbikes in the game.

We had seen the Tron bike previously in leaks, but finally Rockstar released it officially hours ago and it’s now available to buy in the game as of GTA Online update 1.36.

How fast is the Nagasaki Shotaro when compared to the Bati though? You may be surprised to hear that it looks like the Bati is still faster than the Nagasaki Shotaro as you’ll see in the clips below.


We’ve got two videos for you to enjoy, one showing the Tron Bike vs the Bati and another showing a comparison with the Hakuchou Drag, although apologies as commentary in the second video is in Russian.

What are your early thoughts on the new bike – are you loving it or is it too expensive at 2.4 million?

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