GoPro Karma Drone recall with return instructions

GoPro seemed very upbeat earlier this year when announcing its new Drone, but things are not looking too good for the company now, as they have had to issue a Karma Drone recall.

The reason for the recall? GoPro has recalled its Karma Drone because several of them have lost power, and while this might not seem bad at first, it is when you think about it. This is because some of them have lost power while in flight, in which case it comes crashing down.


This not only means the Drone will be damaged, but more seriously, it could pose a risk to bystanders if it were to fall on them, or even if it were to come crashing down onto a busy road, and cause a serious accident.

While this might be terrible news for those of you that own one of these devices, GoPro will offer owners a full refund, although that’s still not good news for those of you enjoying flying one of these.

GoPro Karma Drone return instructions – In order to get your full refund you will need to contact these people: If purchased from, then call 1-866-886-3001, or visit the online support.
For those of you that purchased one of these products from best, then either call 1-800-566-7498 or visit the online support team.



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