MacBook Pro with Touch Bar shipping status – Starting Soon

By Peter Chubb - Nov 8, 2016

For those of you that are constantly checking your MacBook Pro with Touch Bar shipping status, then we have an update for you. There have been reports from those that ordered one of these new MacBook Pro models have seen their credit/debit cards charged.


What makes this interesting is the fact that shipping usually starts shortly after cards are charged, and so we should expect the 2016 MacBook Pro to start shipping very soon, and so we do hope it will be sooner than what Apple had first suggested.

In the past we have usually seen the status of Apple products go from Processing to Shipped once cards have been shared, and so we hope to see people seeing these updates statues very soon indeed. So for now, all that those that have ordered a new MacBook pro still see an estimated delivery date.

The original shipping dates were 2-3 weeks, which soon slipped to 4-5 weeks because of the deluge of pre-orders. However, there have been times when shipping could happen before original estimates, and this could end up being one of those times.

Did you order a 2016 MacBook Pro, and if so has your card been charged yet?

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