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Dell Inspiron Micro desktop reviews – Price precedence over performance

Every year Dell tends to up the ante in terms of advertising their products, as we all know how busy November and December can be for them, along with other computer brands. While there is a huge choice of computers to choose from, one model tends to pop up again and again, and that is the Dell Inspiron Micro desktop.

Dell Inspiron Micro Desktop specs

While there are several configuration options to choose from, you might wish to consider the one without any extras, as this usually costs around $200. OK, so there are options with a keyboard, 23-inch monitor and speaker, along with an Ultimate Accessory Bundle, but those will all add to the cost. Having said that, if you are able to wait, then Dell are very likely to offer the Dell Inspiron Micro desktop for a price of less than $100, which seems to be too good of an opportunity to miss.

If you are truly thinking of getting the Dell Inspiron Micro desktop, and are still uncertain if the specs might not be ideal for you, which includes Intel Celeron Processor J1800, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage – which does seem rather low – and also Windows 10 Home, then might we suggested reading through a few user reviews.

The good thing is, Dell has over 222 users that felt the need to offer a Dell Inspiron Micro desktop review, and we can see that its price seems to have taken a precedence over its performance – although we did not really except anything different seeing as it’s so cheap.



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