Sombra Overwatch PS4, Xbox One release date countdown

We are now moving closer to the official Sombra Overwatch release date on PS4 and Xbox One, after Blizzard revealed the character at Blizzcon over the weekend and confirmed that she would be hitting PTR servers this week.

That means we should be a few weeks away from Sombra coming out for PS4 and Xbox One payers, but sadly there’s no exact date mentioned yet by Blizzard.

If you need a recap of what skills Sombra has, you can see them again here – the EMP is the big talking point as she’ll be able to disable all shields and barriers, plus hack all enemies caught in the blast.


Don’t forget that when Sombra arrives on console, players will also get to try out the new Arcade mode as well as the new Echo Point Antarctica as well.

As we countdown to the release date we’ll update this article with any fresh information from Blizzard on when console players can expect to see Sombra.

How long do you think it will take after her initial release on PTR? If you are hyped for Sombra, leave a comment below!



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