LFC’s Sadio Mane One to Watch record for TOTW 8

We have just days to go until EA’s next event for FIFA 17 with gamers excited about the TOTW 8 predictions and which players will make this special squad.

One of the players likely to be selected once again is Liverpool’s star striker Sadio Mane who scored two goals in recent win over Watford.

Mane has already been chosen by EA for one of the rare ‘One to Watch’ cards, meaning that if there is another Mane SIF card for TOTW 8, it means that his One to Watch card would have already been increased twice.


As far as we’re aware, that would make him the current record holder for most in-form cards for those that have a One to Watch card – as don’t forget stats will automatically increase each time EA awards a new TOTW.

With that in mind, we could be seeing an 83 or an 84 rated Mane card on Wednesday November 9 so watch this space. Those who decided to invest in the Mane One to Watch card when they first released are suddenly starting to realise how much this card could be worth on the transfer market.

Do you think Mane could be the best One to Watch card out of all the others above? Give us your thoughts below!



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