Infinite Warfare sales shock vs Black Ops 3

Infinite Warfare has just launched but already there has been some surprises with regards to the Infinite Warfare sales in the first week compared to that of Black Ops 3.

It’s no doubt that many of you have dropped whatever game you were playing to once again get your fix of this year’s new Call of Duty game.

However, according to stats posted by the GFK Chart-Track group the Infinite Warfare sales are down 48% from the first week compared to first week sales achieved by Black Ops 3.


Does this mean that popularity in the Call of Duty series is starting to decline, or is it just due to the fact that so many gamers are still enjoying Black Ops 3 too much and didn’t want to pick up the new game just yet?

Either way, Infinite Warfare is still top of the charts for the first week, with Battlefield 1 close behind in second place. FIFA 17, Skyrim Special Edition and Titanfall 2 make up the top five so gamers are really spoilt for choice right now on which game they want to put all of their hours into.

Are you surprised that Infinite Warfare sales are almost half of that of Black Ops 3 during the first week? What do you think it means?



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