2017 Skoda Kodiaq SUV order date imminent

The 2017 Skoda Kodiaq SUV has been known to us for some time, yet people are still unable to place their orders, although that will soon change. This is because the Skoda 2017 SUV order date will soon go live, as it’s expected to be in a matter of weeks.

Skoda Kodiaq release date

Ok, so while you will still be able to put your name down for one of these sports utility vehicles, you will still have to wait until the second half of next year in order to receive delivery. However, at least you know you will be one of the first to get yours, as this looks set to be a very popular model indeed.

Being prepared – In order to prepare yourself and make certain your know when 2017 Skoda Kodiaq SUV orders are live, then you can stay Stay Tuned for information on the official Skoda website.

You can also view the brochure as well, which gives you a closer look at the exterior and interior, along with what the different models are, and what makes them different to one another. The Skoda Kodiaq models re S, SE SEL, and the Kodiaq Edition.

For even more insight, we ask that you watch the video below, which shows the new Kodiaq in action, where it is being put though its paces.



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