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Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar design combats battery life concerns

It was not really a great surprise when Apple unveiled the OLED Touch Bar on its new MacBook Pro, and this has since led to rumours of a newly designed Magic Keyboard. However, there were concerns that bringing such a feature to this device would prove too much of a demand on battery life.


While we do not know if we will ever see the Magic Keyboard with an OLED Touch Bar released, there has been some progress as to how to get around the battery life issue.

A few renders have been released that shows just what a standalone Magic Keyboard could look like, and you will see by these mockups the they are larger due to including a number keypad. It’s been presumed that this was done as a way to integrate a larger battery to get around those battery life concerns because the OLED Touch Bar would demand that bit more power.

Some people have missed the number pad, and so seeing its return would certainly be a good thing. However, we just do not know if the OLED Touch Bar will ever make it to the Mac Keypad, although it would certainly make it worthwhile seeing as though the software that will come with support for this new feature would also play nice with those using an iMac with a new keyboard like this.



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