Steam down with DDOS threat by Phantom Squad on Nov 3

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2016

We are sad to report that Steam is down at the time of writing on November 3, 2016. We initially thought this could be due to scheduled maintenance, but actually it appears that a hacking group may have been the reason for why Steam is down today with one group already claiming responsibility.

We had been getting complaints through our Steam outage checker and now we have discovered that a Steam DDOS attempt may have been successful by hacking group ‘Phantom Squad’


Above are the series of Tweets left minutes ago by the group, which threaten that Steam will be down for the entire day, advising users to go and play console instead.

We can’t verify the claims as 100% genuine yet, but we can definitely see that the Steam login is not working for thousands of gamers at the moment and it means that popular games such as Dota2 which rely on Steam is down too.

Can you confirm that your Steam is down in your area? Give us your thoughts on this if Steam really has been hacked with a DDOS today by the group mentioned above.

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  • Theepicofie

    Offline @ indonesia

  • Irham Purnama

    this is not DDoS this is message for gaben. because happy b’day Gabe

  • The Law

    USA is back up booyah

  • Rohitashwa Pandey

    Working @india 🙂

  • sriabhi

    offline @india 🙁

  • AcidMan

    The more these hacker groups take down services the more they hurt the internet as a whole for the future. You may not realize it yet, but the more DDoS attacks interrupt services the more that is at stake for your rights as internet users. If this keeps happening, you can damn well guarantee that a new law and order giant is going to come into this space to police the realm, and it’s not going to be fun for anyone.

  • Calin Simon

    they did it cuz its gaben’s bday, now i can’t play competitive, f*ck

  • lostsome

    What do they stand for any way ?

    • virtualmatrix

      Hand lotion and tissue.

  • London Smith

    Why is no one else reporting on this? This is the longest outage I’ve seen in a long time

  • Mel

    Market and community section are spotty for me in the southern US but other than that I can download and play games just fine. Do they have a reason for the DDoS or is it just to be twats?

    • Shrey

      Haha yes. Its Gabe’s birthday.

  • BradleyTGGB

    I lost all my money 🙁

  • concernedyoungcitizen


  • LucasRevenge

    steam offline in Italy D:

  • ghost

    They will soon be joining poodlecorp in jail !!

  • berk kuruer


  • Fellix NewMan

    When hl3 will be out, no one would ever touch valve, they need to understand that.

  • NgTurbo

    Hackers again! When will it stop..

    • “Hackers”

    • Panax Ioius

      script kiddies don’t ascociate hackers with these idiots anyone can ddos a server if they want

    • Julie S

      DDoS is hacking as much as blowing up a door with dynamite is lockpicking