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Pokemon Go Login bonus list for Daily, Weekly

We have some fantastic news for Pokemon Go players now and probably the news that many of you have been waiting to see since day one when you first installed the game.

Pokemon Go daily login bonuses are finally coming to the game and for those that need a heads-up on what exactly you will get, allow us to give you a heads-up.

Niantic will reward Pokemon Go players with a daily bonus and also a weekly bonus. The prizes are nice for staying active and they will include EXP and Stardust.


As you can see from the list of Pokemon Go login bonuses, you’ll also get additional items for visiting Pokestops and spinning the Photo Disc day every day and consecutively for a week.

We think you’ll love the changes and Niantic states that they will be coming soon – we’ll let you know as soon as we find out! Give us your thoughts on the changes below.



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