Summoners War Kindle Fire error fix for Security Violation

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2016

We can see that there’s a new problem with Summoners War following on from the recent Summoners War 3.1.4 update on Android today.

Specifically, many players have complained that Summoners War keeps closing after the update and the following error message has appeared after installing:

“This app will be terminated because a security policy violation has been detected.”

Some of the codes that we can confirm as having seen involve Summoners War error codes 00000004, 00000021 and 00000032 – but there might be more depending on device.


It appears that the reason for the errors is specifically affecting those playing on Kindle Fire. The developers have made some security improvements to Summoners War with this update and one of them looks to have blocked use of the ‘Xposed’ Framework that a lot of Android users install to customize their device.

It’s not a hack as such, but can be used in nefarious ways which is a shame. It’s because of the latter that the developers have decided to block it and it’s the reason why some of you are getting these Summoners War errors on your game today.

There is a potential fix which has been listed on Reddit here. Let us know if you are having problems with Summoners War after the 3.1.4 update and tell us which device you are using so we or other members of the community can help.

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  • Silas DeGolyer

    having problem with the 00000022 code on an android device.

  • gneis

    Having the Problem with a huawei p6, it is the 00000004 code… and it is really annoying:(

  • Chelsey Kirkland

    having issues with Asus MeMo Pad 7, says it’s the error code 00000006 with the whole “Security Violation” not sure if it’s the same issue as with the Kindle Fire for the Xposed but this is annoying as hell

  • Venron

    Getting the 00000004 error on a Kindle Fire 🙁

    • Nate M

      Likewise, on a non-rooted Kindle Fire.

  • Marlon Medeiros

    I’m using a Moto G4 Play with original system, without any modification… and I’m getting the error 00000021…

  • Frank Wesche

    Blue stacks users are SOL

  • robin lackey

    im using a samsung tab s2 and note 5 . both have the same issue and there factory no root ,factory rom . tried to install and reinstall .