New Sky Plus features with Auto Play and Series Link

How many times have you started to watch a TV series on Sky and found yourself glued for hours at a time because of wanting to watch one last episode? We know there are more of you doing this than you might think, and so a new Sky Plus feature aims to help save time and to improve your viewing experience.

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There are a new collection of Sky+ features, with the most important being Auto Play and Series Link. Both of these are designed to make life much easier for Sky viewers.

In terms of the Auto Play feature, when you are watching a TV show the next episode will automatically start, and so you no longer have to waste time going into your planner to play the next one on the list. However, you have to remember that the next episode has to be downloaded onto your planner. You will also be able to hit the green button at any time to begin the next episode in the series.

As for the next new Sky Plus feature, this is Catch Up Series Link, and so allowing you to set up future episodes of a show easily from the Catch Up menu. All you need to do is locate the show you want to record in the Catch Up menu and then select the green button, and so future episodes will then be downloaded as they are aired.



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