FIFA 17 Movember cards with easy SBC Kit

Movember has officially started and straight away we can see that EA are getting into the mood by launching special FIFA 17 Movember cards and also a limited edition FUT 17 Movember kit.

We have a quick heads-up on all of the special players that will be available for a limited time. All typically sport a moustache with their facial features and some of the names included are Ibrahimovic, Akinfenwa, Matuidi, Gustavo, Lacazette and Bellarabi.

The players included on the FUT 17 Movember list below have also been given stat upgrades – Ibrahimovic for example is usually a 90, but his Movember card will be rated 91 and these are permanent stat upgrades if you manage to get them.


As for the Movember SBC, it couldn’t be more easier to complete which is nice to see for a change. You simply need to create a team of 7 players that have 60 chemistry exactly.

You’ll see from the video below that we’ve included that you can do this with some very cheap players from leagues such as the Greek one.

It shouldn’t take you long to complete and won’t cost a fortune on the transfer market either. The kit itself though is very nice but expect to see all players using this online which could cause some friction.

Have you picked up any Movember cards in a pack yet?



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