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Canon MG3220, MG3520, MG3620 Wireless Printer indecision

Whenever you look at the commercials for printers, they are always advertising those that are able to scan, copy and print, and also come with an array of superb features. However, you have to remember that most of the latest models with the high-end features and superb printing quality comes at a price, and a high one at that.


Not everyone has such a high budget, and so if you only have a limited amount of money to spend, but still wish to opt for a Cannon printer, then things are much easier for you. However, there is still some indecision because there are three models that spring to mind right away, and these are the MG3220, MG3520, MG3620 wireless printers.

Things are still tough when it comes to choosing between the three, because the prices are very similar, and so you will need to study the PIXMA MG3220, MG3520 and MG3620 manuals for each model. You can click on the model number for each manual.

You will also get to learn about their features, and more importantly their review scores based on user reviews. Looking at it, it would seem the MG3520 slightly edges out the other two, although it’s very close.

In terms of price you should expect to pay around roughly $80 for each other these printers. However, we know that this could be reduced to around $40 as we get closer to the end of November, so keep an eye on things.



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