Driveclub 1.28 update with patch notes mystery

By Alan Ng - Oct 31, 2016

Still playing Driveclub? We are pleased to report that a new Driveclub 1.28 update has just come out today bringing some brand new tracks to the game which should make a lot of you happy.

These tracks have come from the DriveclubVR version of the game, which is great to see considering some of you may have thought support was finished on the original game.

Once you are done with the whopping 6GB update, you will have new Urban Tracks to race on – you can see a preview of them below thanks to the PlayStation Blog.


Sony has not released the full Driveclub 1.28 patch notes yet, but when we have them we’ll add them here so keep checking back. We are wondering what else is new in the game aside from the new tracks so let us know if you spot anything below.

Is anyone else seeing a massive 6GB install for this update or just us?

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  • Levi B

    every country got 2-4 new tracks (+ backward version) and that`s it, nothing else new.

  • Danni Urin

    Will let ya know when it finishes downloading