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Marvel Future Fight Dr Strange 6-star gameplay review

For those who are getting frustrated with the Epic Quest and the time it will take to get a 6-star Dr Strange, allow us to give you a tasty preview now with an extremely early Marvel Future Fight Dr Strange 6-star gameplay review.

We could be looking at the first 6-star Dr Strange in the world here, given that it takes an extreme amount of resources in order to get to the end of Epic Quest.

We don’t know if the user paid his or her way to get to Dr Strange or if resources were saved up over time. Either way, you have YouTuber Scavjas to thank for the footage.


As you can see, a Tier 2 Dr Strange can easily take down Thanos and Tier 2 Sharon Rogers with no problem. It’s amazing to watch and it should be the justification you need to get to the end of Epic Quest yourself and rank up Dr Strange with max stats.

For those interested, this build of Dr Strange is running with the Overdrive ISO 8 set. Enjoy the Dr Strange Future Fight gameplay review below and let us know if you think Dr Strange is ultimately worth it in the end.



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