Nintendo Switch Backwards Compatibility or Virtual Console support

By Alan Ng - Oct 24, 2016

There is obviously a lot of excitement still in the air after the Nintendo Switch announcement a few days ago. One of the biggest talking points though that we can see, is whether the Nintendo Switch will be backwards compatible with Wii U games or 3DS, DS games since we saw Nintendo tease game cards being used.

Right away though, it looks like the Nintendo Switch will not support Wii U discs physically. We saw Nintendo use a new type of game card similar to the 3DS and DS cards but somewhat bigger in size.

That could also rule out Nintendo Switch backwards compatibility for 3DS and DS cards physically, but hopefully Nintendo is still going to keep everyone happy by utilizing the Virtual Console with Nintendo Switch.


While some of you may be disappointed if there’s no backwards compatibility, the design of the Nintendo Switch looks like it’s going to be something completely fresh.

If Wii U games arrive on the Nintendo Switch via Virtual Console with a nice discount then that hopefully will be good enough for most.

Nintendo has left out a lot of key information though about the Switch, so really it’s still all speculation at this point until we hear more from the company.

Backwards compatibility on the Nintendo Switch, what do you want or expect to see guys?

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  • Dave

    virtual console is lame, you can already play that on the wii u / 3ds,
    obviously it’s not backward compatible with wii u it lacks the drive / touch screen unless you can pair up wii u pad to it and re-buy old games