Final Fantasy 15 release date with PS4 hardware, PRO surprise

We are closing in on the Final Fantasy 15 release date for US, UK and other regions now with the game out globally on the same date everywhere.

As we get excited about FFXV finally coming out, we have some great quotes to share now from Square-Enix with relation to both PS4 and PS4 Pro hardware.

Thanks to Mognet Central and Neogaf, there has been a new interview with game director Hajime Tabata translated from Spanish, in it he said the following:


The exciting thing to pick out of that passage of text is that Tabata has confirmed that Final Fantasy 15 is currently maxing out PS4 hardware in terms of capabilities.

Meanwhile Tabata has also issued a strong hint that PS4 Pro buyers are going to be getting a separate patch after release which could offer a Final Fantasy XV 4K HDR mode to take further advantage of the hardware.

This would obviously take time though and right now the focus is on getting the game out at launch smoothly after so many setbacks.

Are you finally ready to jump aboard the hype train for the November 29 release date?



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