PSN down today after massive online DDOS attack

By Alan Ng - Oct 21, 2016

We are not sure what is going on, but it appears to be a very stressful day for gamers with regards to multiple reports of online services and websites being hacked today.

At the time of writing, PSN is down too on October 21 with PS4 and PS3 gamers saying that they can’t sign in right now. This is coming just hours after we reported on a possible hack on EA servers too with one group threatening to ruin Battlefield 1 launch day plans.


Above is live feedback coming in via Twitter about PSN problems today, so we can confirm that there definitely is problems with the service.

Other services reportedly targeted today include Reddit, Twitter, Paypal, Spotify and Netflix. We also confirmed that a Level 3 Internet Outage was ongoing today too, but we understand that a DDOS attack across these services is more likely to blame for the volume of services disrupted all at once.

What is going on today folks? If your PSN is down and you’ve also had problems with other services not working today, leave a comment below with your status and check to see when PSN is back up here.

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