Battlefield 1 servers down due to Poodlecorp DDOS hack

By Alan Ng - Oct 21, 2016

Today is Battlefield 1 launch day and unfortunately we can confirm at the time of writing, Battlefield 1 servers are down on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

We wish we could say that it is due to Battlefield 1 maintenance, but EA wouldn’t have dared to bring the game down on launch day for fixes.

In reality, it looks like this is again the result of a DDOS attack by hacking group Poodlecorp. This group has already attacked EA Servers in the past and we can tell you that on September 19, 2016 they threatened in advance that they would be hacking Battlefield 1 servers on October 21.


Low and behold, you can see from Battlefield 1 server status here that many players cannot connect to Battlefield 1 servers on PS4, Xbox One and PC and it looks like EA doesn’t have any answers for the moment.


We would really hate for the BF1 servers to be down over the weekend as well, but we’ll have to see what action EA can take and if they can bring the servers back up and keep them up and away from attack.

Are you furious that this hacking group warned one month early that an attack would happen and it still followed through? Please leave a comment below if you can’t play Battlefield 1 online right now.

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  • Alex Beato

    I was able to play yesterday after a hard reset and things seem fine today now. Hope everyone can get online

  • Tony Bulman

    Does poodlecrap really have nothing better to do? Hack a large corporations that hurt people or the environment. All EA hurts is our wallets and that is our choice. Talk about using ur abilities to do nothing other that aggravate people. What a waste of a perfectly good hack. Douches

  • Wolfy Dragon

    Can’t get on BF1 was really looking forward to a good night of war, hope EA sort’s out this hacking problem 🙁

    • This is my name

      Don’t wanna crush your dreams but when thsi happened during the Open Beta it took approx. 8 hours or more to fix :-/

  • mrh112

    It should be criminal damage launching ddos attacks on public servers. But you know, the autistic c*nts need to find some kind of entertainment, they can’t get laid.

  • Frank

    Seriously…. you people are losers hacking a game… oh man you made such a difference doing that…. grow the hell up and get a God damn life all you have accomplished is being dicks…

  • Zeus

    Pretty pathetic to be honest….losers need to get a day job

  • AcidMan

    Need to have harsher penalties for hackers who disrupt everyday life.

    For instance-
    A) Life imprisonment at Gitmo

    I think that’s the best option besides execution. Wait, what? Yeah, I said it.

    • killurself

      wow. i hope you dont wake up tomorrow

    • TitanX

      whats wrong with execution? we should use it alot more.

    • vox.

      Jesus Christy man you need to dull that edge a bit.

  • Angry in America

    They’re despicable. Plain and simple. We’re just gamers wanting to play something as a stress release from school, work, family, etc. Why… please explain oh wise and wonderful Poodlecorp.. why do you want to make OUR lives less enjoyable? What are you accomplishing? What did WE the gamer do to you to warrant this?

    • Alex Beato

      This is probably revenge since a couple of them were arrested on the 13th

      • TitanX

        yeah, and i hope they are in prison getting buttraped

    • Jason

      Just have to track them down and spoon out their eyes.

  • Anon

    Soon enough my team will be done gathering their personal information and will release the names of these few teens and young adults to the rest of the world, and will give the addresses of these individuals exclusively to law enforcement agencies.

    • Alex Beato

      Do it before lunch if you can. I need to get back to my squad 😊

    • killurself

      you’ve never touched a girl

      • Alex Beato

        I’m gay lol

    • HarHarHar

      Wow, you sound ridiculous.