Nintendo NX first picture, specs with trailer times today

Today is the day when we will finally see the first official picture of the Nintendo NX console! For those that need a reminder of the exact moment that will happen, here’s a heads-up on Nintendo NX event times for October 20.

We say event, but it is actually a 3-minute long Nintendo NX preview trailer that is going live today. Either way, it will give us a first look at the actual design, the final Nintendo NX name if it’s still just a codename and more importantly a glance at official Nintendo NX hardware specs which everyone is waiting for.

Without further ado, here are the times for when the Nintendo NX trailer is out today. UK it will go live at 3PM, which means 10am Eastern Time, 7am Pacific Time and 4PM for those in other European regions.


You can see the trailer live at Nintendo’s website here where it should appear before hitting places such as YouTube and everywhere else on social media.

We are so excited, are you? Let us know your last minute expectations are of the Nintendo NX if you are currently deciding between Nintendo’s console, Project Scorpio and the PS4 Pro.



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