Finding a used Ambassador car model – new 2016 price listings

The likelihood of a new Ambassador car for India is very unlikely, even though there had been rumours to the contrary. While this does not come as any shock, it is a shame because there are those drivers in India that were truly hoping that Hindustan would be working on a new model – but it’s just not to be.


However, if you are still hoping to purchase a Hindustan Ambassador car, then you can do so, although it will need to be a used model.

There are several places in which you can search for a used Ambassador car model, although one of the better options is Carwhale, which you can see the new 2016 price listings HERE.

Looking at the search we ran for you there are 16 cars for sale across India, and so you might want to take a look to see if any suits your needs. Looking over the results, we have to say there are some great deals to be had, and some do look in very good condition to us, almost new in fact.



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