FIFA 17 Walk Out players list from packs

There is nothing more exciting right now than opening a FIFA 17 pack and getting a walk-out player. These are generally saved to those rated 86 and above but there are certain criteria that allows other FIFA 17 walk-out players this special animation as well.

EA has yet to disclose what this is, but we have confirmation that it is not just the ‘top 100’ players that get a Walk-Out animation in FIFA 17, neither are they just the top 86 rated players and above.

We know this as firstly, Thomas Muller nor Inter goalkeeper Handanovic are walk-out players and they both have a high rating of 87 in the game.

However, Dani Alves is a walk-out player on FIFA 17 and he is rated 85 at his new club Juventus – so what is the formula that EA are following?


Some believe that it is the top five players in each position that get a walk-out animation in FIFA 17 packs, which could also explain why David Silva gets a walk-out animation too as he is joint 5th as one of the best CAM cards in FIFA 17 along with Ozil, Modric, Pogba, De Bruyne, Kroos, Iniesta and Rakitic.

In the meantime you can check out which players are likely to be part of the core FIFA 17 Walk-Out player list here thanks to FUTHEAD – you can change the tab to position at the top for more clarity and to see the top 5 in each position.

Are there any players who you feel should be a walk-out but are not? Let us know which walk-out players you have got in a pack so far!



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