Son Heung Min Challenge Tasks for FIFA 17 FUT

By Alan Ng - Oct 14, 2016

A FIFA 17 update has just gone live on Ultimate Team, with EA immediately updating the game with new PL Player of the Month Son Heung Min who now has a brand new special card to win.

For those that can’t get in game at the moment, allow us to give you the Son Heung Min Challenge task list here letting you see what you need to complete to get this special untradable card.

There are three main tasks to complete and here they are in full – you’ll have 13 days to complete them all. The biggest challenge that we can see is getting hold of one TOTW player.




The reward is a 83 Son Heung Min card which has 87 for shooting, 88 for pace and 84 for dribble. It’s a fantastic card to try and win so let us know how you get on with all of the tasks.

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