Infinite Warfare Xbox One beta release and start time

The Infinity Warfare beta has now started on PS4 and it will be exclusive to that platform for a full week. This is obviously bad news for those wondering when the Infinite Warfare beta is out on Xbox One but we have a heads-up for you on the exact moment you can start playing yourself.

We’re pleased to see that Activision has already given gamers a full schedule of the beta allowing gamers to make preparations in advance and more importantly download the preload so they are ready to play instantly.

Without further ado, the Infinite Warfare beta release date on Xbox One will be on October 21 and the start time is at 10am Pacific Time or 6PM UK time.


To get into the beta you need to have pre-ordered the game. Alternatively stay tuned for giveaways as there will be opportunities to get an Infinite Warfare beta code on Xbox One in a few days.

Are you looking forward to the beta, despite having to watch PS4 users play it exclusively?



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