PlayStation VR UK stock update at Amazon, GAME

PlayStation VR is officially available, but it looks like getting hold of PlayStation VR stock in the UK is proving to be a very frustrating experience for willing buyers.

While gamers in the US are having no problems getting hold of units at will from their nearest retailer, trying to follow suit in the UK may prove to be a nightmare for you.

For example, both Amazon UK and GAME are sold out of the device despite the high profile launch and the fact that consumers are relying on two of the biggest retailers to have healthy stock.


The price to pay is £349.99 and you can still pre-order PlayStation VR from Amazon, the only issue is that according to their website stock won’t be available until November 14.

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For GAME UK, there is no heads-up at all so you may want to wait until next week to see if the situation improves. Are you trying to get hold of the PlayStation VR in the UK and have been left angry?

Let us know your current status and if you have seen stock elsewhere.



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