FIFA 17 Ultimate TOTW Pack opening with ST Ronaldo

As we predicted, the FUT Champions rewards for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team went live on Wednesday evening. It means that the top FIFA players around the world are opening up their packs and we can now show you what you get inside the new FIFA 17 Ultimate TOTW Packs.

Or perhaps more importantly, confirmation that somebody has already pulled out the ultra rare ST Ronaldo in-form card for FUT 17 already out of one of EA’s new packs.

Without further ado, here’s the reaction to getting ST Ronaldo in a pack:

For those that want to know the full FIFA 17 Ultimate TOTW pack contents, you get 11 high rated in-form players from the current TOTW 4 and this is another players results:


You can see that this player missed out on the likes of Lewandowski and Ronaldo, but it is a crazy pack nevertheless if you manage to get towards the latter stages of FUT Champions.

Our question to you: Did you receive anything nice from your FUT Champions reward pack opening? Share your results below!



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