Overwatch Halloween Loot box 100 opening for skins

Everyone is so excited right now for the Overwatch Halloween Terror event which is now live in game and offers players the chance to get some exclusive skins by opening up Overwatch Halloween Loot boxes.

Now we give you a look at what kind of odds you can get from the Halloween Loot boxes in Overwatch, as we have a fantastic video which shows 100 boxes being opened back to back.


We can also confirm that some of the rare new Legendary Halloween Overwatch skins such as the Reaper one can be obtained in the loot boxes as the uploader gets one himself at around the 25 minute mark.


Some of the prizes are amazing and for those that are spending money we just hope that you all get what you want. As you can see from the price list above, the Halloween Terror event for Overwatch ends on November 1 so you still have a while to get all of the skins you need.

Watch the video below and let us know what you received from your own Loot box openings! What is the best skin to get in your opinion?



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