More Uniti Ingenious EV photos demanded, as target reached

It was not that long ago that we heard about Uniti’s plans of creating an electric vehicle that was capable of some autonomous-driving. What’s different here was that it’s a crowd-funding campaign that will be used to gather the money required to get the project off the ground. The good news is, with 38 days to go, it has reached its target, and also generated 37 per cent more than needed.


While this should be seen as good news, there is a demand for more Uniti Ingenious EV photos, as all we have is a few images that do not really give too much away. To us it’s more like a Sinclair C5 on steroids, for those of you that can remember that vehicle.

There now more than 330 people interested in the Ingenious car, and we have to wonder if some of them are those that were interest in the Elio car, but have given up because of production being delayed again and again?

Going back to those images, and there are 5 in all, one is a VR experience of driving the vehicle, then the concept model a platform, then a side-on view and also a front on view with the doors open. You will also get an image of the proposed controls on the Uniti Ingenious EV tech specs page.



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