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Continued iPhone 7 issues overlooked, as Galaxy Note 7 production ends

The decision that Samsung has made to end production of the Note 7 has had a positive effect on Apple for two reasons, the first of which is that there is one less rival for them to worry about. However it is the second that is of more concern, and that’s with the continued iPhone 7 issues, as they are currently being overlooked.


Several Product Reviews readers have already been in contact to ask why there seems to be less coverage about the iPhone 7 problems, even though Apple has not been able to rectify them yet. The answer is a simple one really, and that’s because the thought of a handset exploding on an aircraft, in your car, the subway or at home does take precedence over hissing issues, or something else.

We do know that Apple is currently working on iOS 10.1, and we suspect it will be ready for download later this month – although nothing has been said whether it will fix the current crop of iPhone 7 issues.

One of the biggest concerns is with the hissing, and while some people worry that it could explode, it’s just coil whine and so try not to worry. If it is loud enough to hear without putting your phone to your ear, then you should take it back to exchange.

There are other issues, such as the iPhone 7 camera issue that we have experienced as have some of our readers. What happens is that when you go to use the camera everything is blurred and out of focus. It takes several times to fully close the app for the camera to work correctly – although we have not heard many cases of this.

What iPhone 7 issue are you concerned about most, and would like to see fixed in iOS 10.1?



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