Skyrim Special Edition best price for UK, US

Skyrim Special Edition is almost here and following on from the confirmation that mods will definitely be included with the PS4 version, we know that many of you will currently be looking to find out the best price for Skyrim Special Edition online in the UK and US.

We also know that some of you are not happy about the $60 price tag for Skyrim Remastered in the US, as that’s what you need to pay if you want to get your hands on the upgraded version.

We’ve had a look at Skyrim Special Edition prices from the likes of GameStop, Walmart and Best Buy and all three are only selling the game for $60 – no lower.


In the UK, you’ll be able to buy the game for around £34 and these include places such as Amazon and Tesco. We’re a bit surprised that there isn’t any other incentives attached to the game, but we still have two weeks until release so something may pop up last minute to entice you in – so definitely keep an eye on UK supermarket activity.

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What is the cheapest price that you have seen for Skyrim Special Edition so far, were you expecting to pick this game up for below full price?

We’ll update this if we spot anything better than what’s available right now.



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