FIFA 17 FUT Champion rewards release time and tradable

The first weekend league for FIFA 17 is now over and right now gamers are desperately trying to find out when FUT Champions rewards are out since you do not receive FUT Champions packs straight away.

While this may be frustrating, we are guessing that EA needs some time to calculate and verify the rewards properly to ensure that all participation has been met fairly and without the use of any hacks.

We can give you a heads-up on the FIFA 17 FUT Champions rewards release time as EA has said below that they will be handed out during the week.


Although not 100% confirmed yet, it is understood that this should happen on Wednesday at 6PM UK time, but hopefully we’ll be able to get the exact time nailed down for you soon.

In the meantime, we are happy to confirm that the FUT Champions rewards are tradable! There were some fears that the players received in the rare packs such as TOTW Packs for FIFA 17 were not tradable but as you can see from the reply from Community Manager Rob Hodson, you’ll be able to resell any rewards on the market.


This makes such a big difference to the allure of FUT Champions so let us know how you got on during the first week and what rewards you are expecting to receive!



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