Tesla motorcycle rumours gain traction over event announcement

Elon Musk created some confusion yesterday when he announced an unexpected product unveiling for the 17th, which we already know will be followed by Tesla/SolarCity on the 28th of October. No details have been given, although speculation has begun as to what this new product could be – and it’s no surprise that the motorcycle rumours have gained traction once again.


If you look at ‏@elonmusk, his Twitter channel has already a great deal of speculation from those people wondering just hat this new product announcement will be. Some of the tweets include, “an electric motorcycle?”, and “any hope for a tesla 2 wheeled vehicle?” to name just two.

There are more people asking for a Tesla Motorcycle, but the likelihood of this happening is very slimwell for now anyway.

Some people suspect it is the second part of the Model 3 unveil, although this was thought to be at the end of the month. There is also the fact that Musk said “unexpected by most,” and so this can only mean something new – but what?

What do you think this event will be about?



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