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Samsung will not rush Galaxy S8 release

Samsung is not having a very good end to the year due to the huge issues they are having with the Galaxy Note 7, which looks as though even the replacement models are now exploding as well. The bad news is, AT&T is thinking of halting all sales, and even the UK Royal Mail is refusing to ship them. However, one thing that Samsung has learned is to not rush things, and so this means an early Galaxy S8 release is not going to happen.


There had been speculation that Samsung rushed the released of the Note 7 to beat the iPhone 7 to market, although we still do not know how much truth there is to thatalthough it would make perfect sense. If this is true, then the South Korean company, which is set to lose billions of dollars because of the Note 7 issue, is not going to make that same mistake again.

We say this because Samsung has revealed that they are to introduce the new Galaxy Note 8 during their Unpacked event at MWC 2017. The company usually reveals their latest Galaxy S flagship handset in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress, and so shows they are still sticking with this release schedule.

It’s obvious to us that Samsung has made such an announcement early because they wish to take some of the focus away from the Note 7, but let’s get real here shall we, it’s not going to work is it? This is a really bad time for Samsung at the moment, which could end up seeing the company discontinuing the Note 7 altogether because if the likes of AT&T are going to stop selling it, which carrier will be next?

Do you think that Samsung will be able to overcome this issue, or do you think they will just stop selling the Note 7 and offer a full refund?



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