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iOS 10.1 release time will not coincide with new iPad Pro models

There are some people that hold out hope for new iPad Pro models to be released later this month. However, this is very unlikely to happen because most rumours seem to support a spring 2017 release instead. Some people had suspected that the iOS 10.1 release time was going to coincide with new iPad models, but we just do not see this happening.

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We have known for a few months now that there was not going to be an iPad refresh in 2016, and a new report seems to confirm this. However, what we do find interesting is that there could in fact be three new models.

Those models include the 9.7-inch and 10.5-inch iPad pro models, and a new iPad mini, although there does seem some confusion, as there are suggestions of differing screen sizes, details of which can be found on Makotakara thanks to 9To5 Mac.

Anyway, all that we know is that if you were hoping for new models to be released in time for iOS 10.1, then we are very sorry, it’s just not going to happen. We can understand why, as people are not interested in replacing their iPad every year, as they do with their iPhone.

In terms of the actual release date for iOS 10.1, we suspect it will be in a couple of weeks from now.



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