Final Fantasy XV PC update on release timescale

We know many of you are still clinging on to the hope of having a Final Fantasy XV release date on PC sometime in the future. Square-Enix previously said that it would be possibility to consider a PC port after the console versions are out and now we can bring you a brief update on this straight from Square-Enix.

A PC version of the upcoming game is highly sought after, given the fact that if it did arrive it would be the most superior version in terms of graphics with PC users able to tweak settings to their liking and achieve better results from a game that already looks amazing on PS4 and Xbox One.

Now, game director Hajime Tabata has said that a PC version of Final Fantasy XV would ‘take more than a year’ for them to complete the project.


At the moment though, Square-Enix is still undecided on whether to release FFXV on PC but there signs are there at least which shows us that the door definitely isn’t shut.

Are you a gamer who would rather buy a PC version of the game as opposed to a console version? If this is good news to you, let us know your thoughts below.



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