Complete Seven Club Challenge on FIFA 17 easily

For those that are still yet to complete their Squad Builder Challenges on FIFA 17, we thought we would offer up some quick help on how to complete the Seven Club Challenge in FIFA 17 easily.

This is a time restricted challenge which ends soon so if you haven’t done it yet you don’t have long. It doesn’t make sense to avoid it either as it’s a really easy challenge which will award you with a free All Players Pack which includes 12 players.

The challenge requires you to ‘Exchange a defense and midfield made up of exactly 7 clubs’ so you need to have acquired a fair amount of cards which you don’t necessarily use in your main team but are perfect for switching around to get this challenge done.


Once you have the players, it takes seconds to complete the challenge and the video below shows you exactly how to do it. There’s also a bonus 1,000 coins to get so what are you waiting for!

Let us know which players you received in the free pack and if you pulled out anything good.



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