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AIO Surface PC expectations before Microsoft product launch event

Put October 26, 2016 in your diary, as this is the date that Microsoft will be holding an event. You are asked to join them to see what’s next for Windows 10, and you can see on their blog the tagline Imagine What You’ll Do. This is done as though looking through a window, and the writing is on the other side – so make from that what you will.

Surface AIO size options

While this event will be Windows related, it does not narrow things down for us. However, let us try to make things that bit clearer for you.

Microsoft said they do not plan on anything new for the Windows 10 Mobile platform this year, and so we very much doubt a Surface handset announcement either. Then there is the Surface Pro, which is more interesting because while it is around the time we should expect to see a release announcement, the lack of rumours would suggest otherwise.

We suspect that the Surface Pro 5 will not be released until next year, as Microsoft aims to make some much-needed improvements.

This just leaves one thing, and that is the AIO Surface PC, and so we can imagine that expectations are now running high.

Going back to that tagline of Imagine What You’ll Do, and this does hint at something new, and so imagine what you would do if you had an iMac competitor, but running on Windows 10, as that would be something very interesting indeed.

What are your exceptions in regards to an all-in-one Surface PC?



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