Mafia 3 60FPS PC patch release time ETA

We have a quick heads-up for all gamers now who have just installed Mafia 3 on PC. Some of you may be wondering how to get 60FPS on Mafia 3 for PC, as there has been a bit of shock to find out that Mafia 3 is currently locked to 30FPS.

On PC, this is obviously troubling for those with high-end systems as opposed to console where 30FPS will be considered satisfactory.

The good news that we have, is that 2K is already planning to solve the problem and we can confirm that a Mafia 3 60FPS patch will be released this weekend.


As you can see from the statement above, the patch is already being tested by 2K and we’re assuming that it just needs to be approved by Valve before it is made available on Steam.

Keep an eye out for the 60FPS Mafia 3 patch release time at any moment and leave us a comment below once you are playing on 60FPS.

Don’t forget to check up on future Mafia 3 updates across all platforms here.



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