Sadio Mane One to Watch card worth millions

All FIFA 17 Ultimate Team players are currently going crazy about One to Watch cards and which one is the rarest to find inside packs. One of them is definitely Sadio Mane as currently there are none of them available on the transfer market at the time of writing.

This is obviously due to the fact that nobody knows the true value of a Sadio Mane One to Watch card, since this will depend on whether he gets in-form cards to boost the base value of the One to Watch card progressively.

We can confirm though that there are multiple instances of players getting one of these ultra rare cards inside packs in the space of a few days even from the free ‘All Player’ packs.


You can see evidence of one example below and we have a feeling that if Mane gets at least two inform cards over the next few months, this card could be worth around 1 million coins.

His standard 79 card is already selling for 15,000 coins so imagine what the Mane One to Watch card will be worth on FIFA 17 if it is going to be increased into the high 80’s before the end of the season.

Were you lucky enough to get one, or know somebody that did? Tell us in the discussion section below!



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