FIFA 17 FUT Draft offline rewards include Draft Token

We have a quick heads-up for all new FIFA 17 players now, as we are happy to confirm that EA has improved the FUT 17 Draft rewards for offline single player, compared to FIFA 16.

While the average rewards on FUT 16 were a Premium Gold Pack and a Jumbo Premium Gold pack for winning an offline draft, we have confirmation that you can get the same rewards again with the addition of having a Draft Token thrown in as well.

Players will know that this is a game changer for offline draft and it now means a very viable way of grinding coins if you are not good enough to win the online FUT Draft consistently.


As you can see from an image above, that is a 7,500 pack, a 15,000 pack and a FUT Draft token worth 15,000 so not a bad return for a 15,000 entry.

Does this make you very happy? Let us know what you think of EA’s decision to put FUT Draft Tokens in FIFA 17 offline drafts as a reward.



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