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Next Clash of Clans update for sneak peeks

We know many of you are asking when the next Clash of Clans update is out after Supercell has been unusually quiet with fans expecting a new CoC update at the end of every month.

We can give you update on this now, as we can confirm that the next Clash of Clans update will be out in October, not by the end of this month.

Supercell forum moderator Anoushka has given fans some intel on this by saying that new Clash of Clans sneak peeks for the October update will start next week! Here is the update:


So we now have a deadline for the Clash of Clans October update release date. Sneak peeks could start from Monday October 3 to October 7, which means that the next update could be rolling out the week starting October 10.

We will let you know as soon as we see the first Sneak Peek live for CoC, so in the meantime leave a comment below on what you need to see to keep you playing – keep track of new Clash of Clans patch notes here.



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