New London EV charge points for 2016, but no locations yet

By Peter Chubb - Sep 28, 2016

With more of us switching to electric vehicles in the city of London, the number of people looking for charging locations has increased. It’s obvious that this has not only put a huge strain on these charging points, but also reduces the number of people that are able to charge their EVs when they need to – and so some of them choose to leave them at home.

Thankfully, there will be 400 new London EV charge points by the end of 2016, although there is currently no list of their locations.


A new deal has been reached, where 400 new charging points will be added to the streets of London, which is part of a deal between Bluepoint London, Transport for London (TfL) for the 16 city boroughs. This will be great news for EV drivers, as they have started to struggle to find and reserve these free charging points.

People using these charge stations are able to book up to 40 minutes in advance although this has started to become even harder to do, as the number of electric vehicle drivers have increased. It’s hoped that by increasing these points it will help to relieve this.

There is one drawback though, and that is the fact that while the older points will still be free of charge to use, Bluepoint London’s electric charging network operator said that they will charge people a £4 monthly membership fee, or a PAYG fee – although this is still very cheap.

For more details visit Autobcar.

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  • Moses Shezu Johnson

    I love this, sooner or later most londoners will have to change their vehicles to hybrid vehicles in future and completely remove petrol diesel vehicles, and there will be more green vehicles such as bicycles, motorbikes, cars and lorries plus vans going through the veins (the streets) and arteries (underground the tube) of london.

  • 仔细瞧瞧再说!