Belkin’s Apple Watch Leather Band available now in UK

People in the UK will wonder why they have seen news reports of Belkin’s first Classic Leather Band for the Apple Watch listed as coming soon in the US, when they are already capable of buying them right now from the UK website. We don’t yet currently have a release date for those of you in the United States, just that it will be coming soon.

You can purchase Belkin’s Apple Watch Leather Band for the 38mm and 42mm versions, both of which are the same price, which is £59.99 – or $59.99 over the pond.


We know that you are able to buy an official Apple Watch leather strap directly from Apple, and there are also third-party companies offering the same option, although you know when it comes to Belkin you are getting a quality product, and also from a name you can trust.

The Apple Watch is a quality device that just needs to be shown off, and Belkin believe their Leather Strap is just the product to do that. There is the strap itself made from Italian leather, a custom-designed buckle and a choice of three colours, which are Tan, Black and Gray, which Belkin spell the American way.

In terms of compatibility, the strap will fit the Apple Watch and the Apple Edition.



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