smrtFOB is the bKey successor for April 2017

The bKey was a very simple phone charger back in 2014, and so its successor was always going to do a lot better in terms of its design and features. Well, the new smrtFOB is ready to take over from where the bKey left off, and while it is slightly wider than its predecessor, it is more compact and also has far more technology packed away inside.


smrtFOB is not yet out to buy, although you can pledge some money and to also make certain you have preordered your one, as Zipbuds has taken to Kickstarter once again in order to get this product funded.

Their target is $100,000, which needs to be achieved by November 19, with a release date set for April 2017. As of writing this there are 53 days left in the campaign, and $57,660 has currently been achieved. There is a good chance the smrtFOB will reach its target, seeing as though their Catalyst Wireless Sport Earbuds still has 38 days to go and has reached almost $84,000 of an intended $25,000 target.

We are not certain why there is such a difference in goals here, seeing as though you would have assumed the Earbuds would have required more money to fundalthough there has to be a very good reason for this.

You can currently make a pledge for the smrtFOB without a reward, or pledge some money and in doing so reserves your battery phone charger, along with a good discount at the same time.

Rather than us go over all of the product features and its design, it’s far better to head to the Kickstarter website, although we have embedded a video for you below. As for its price, it’s recommend to start at $100, although there are several options for you to choose from.



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