FIFA 17 PS4, Xbox One download time could take hours

By Alan Ng - Sep 27, 2016

FIFA 17 is now available in some regions and we have a heads-up on the reported slow FIFA 17 download times for those buying digitally and installing fresh from Sony and Microsoft marketplaces.

If the FIFA 17 pre-load option for PS4 and Xbox One is available to you, we suggest you download early as those trying hours ago have said that FIFA 17 is taking a long time to install – presumably due to everyone hammering EA’s servers at the same time.

For those that need a heads-up, the FIFA 17 Digital Deluxe Edition install size on PS4 is 32.2GB and 39.83GB on Xbox One.


The game is available now in the US and will soon be available in the UK on Friday, although many of you have already received early copies.

Are you trying to install FIFA 17 now and are experiencing long download times? Leave us a message below with what speeds you are getting.

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  • Ryan Maclean

    6hours and on 10%

  • remove_infidels

    I purchased FIFA 17 from the ps4 store and downloaded the application. Now the installation progress is stuck on 27℅ and not moving forward at all. When I opened FIFA I saw straight the 27℅. Now I checked again the progression and I saw it’s on 32%, after 10 hours. Any suggestions how to fix it?

    • remove_infidels

      I wrote that post before 10 hours, so the first “now” refers to 10 hours ago